Ariane 6

Canopée, the first modern sail cargo ship, specially designed for the transport needs of Ariane 6 launcher

In partnership with Jifmar Offshore Service and VPLP design, we have developed for the needs of ArianeGroup a 121 meters long cargo ship dedicated for the transport of the future Ariane 6 launcher from the European continent to French Guiana.

Canopée vessel

The ship that we have designed and named Canopée, meets strict and complex specifications that take into account the technical requirements imposed by the transport of Ariane 6 launcher, as well as the nautical constraints related to the access to the port of Pariacabo in Guiana.

Equipped with four articulated wing-sails of 363 square meters each
IMO tier III marine engine

35% reduction of polluting emissions


Shipping route

The components of Ariane 6 launcher are built in different member states of the Ariane program. After being collected in several European ports they will be shipped to the Guiana Space Center in Kourou.

The vessel, whose launching is planned for 2022, will be built and operated by a joint venture with our partner Jifmar Offshore Service called Alizés.

Being entrusted to transport of Ariane 6 launcher by ArianeGroup proves our capacity to develop specific and customised projects that meet complex industrial constraints.