Our goal: develop low carbon maritime transport

According to the International Maritime Organisation, to respect the objectives established by the Paris Agreement, CO2 emissions from maritime transport have to be divided by two by 2050. To achieve this goal, we combine innovative technologies to develop pioneering vessels that offer industrial performances while being environmentally friendly. Thus, we offer to our clients to cut down their carbon footprint while conserving competitive cost.

Project design

We analyse the supply chain of your activity, we identify the segments which can be optimised thanks to a more responsible vessel. If needed, we can rethink the organisation of your supply chain by supplementing our transport services with our logistic partners. You have a project?
Analyse of the logistic constraints of your activity
Establishment of the specifications
Design of logistics solution
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Ship design

Depending on the activity, its operating speed, the port of call, etc the privileged technical solutions will vary. Thanks to our network of technical partners we can conceive an adapted design, or if needed refit an existing ship. You have a project?
Choice of the energy mix
Assessment of CO2 savings
Design of the vessel
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Project management

Ones the project is defined we assure the finance structuring of the ship as well as the oversee of the construction. You have a project?
Financial engineering
Choice of shipyard
Construction site oversee
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Ship management

We provide the nautical management of the vessel with respect of the most exigent certificates. We develop the internal tools which inform keep you informed on the carbon footprint of your transport and the position of your freight what will allow you to monitor optimally your supply chain. You have a project?
Exploitation of the vessel
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Développer des projets adaptés à vos priorités

Depending on your priorities, you can prioritize either traditional mechanical propulsion or the one coming from low-carbon power sources. This choice has a direct impact on the different performance criteria of your transport solution.

Timely delivery
Our delays are guaranteed regardless of the chosen configuration
Operating speed
Operating speed slightly
Reduction of polluting emissions
Reduction by around 50%
Prices slightly higher than the market ones
It is possible to cut-off significantly polluting emissions (by 50%) by making reasonable concessions when it comes to the operating speed and the transport price. By limiting the speed, the fuel savings are much more important, but the amount of transported goods during a particular period is lower. As a consequence, transport prices will raise to cover the operating costs.